Clean rooms have been used in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors for many years, but they are being used increasingly within the food production industry. High quality clean rooms for food processing provide manufacturers with everything they need to ensure food manufacturing is safe and sanitary.

The production of food is a highly regulated process, and it requires stringent hygiene standards. The latest cleanroom technology from Standard Tech ensures bacteria levels are minimised and moulds are deprived of the moisture they need to grow.

The exceptionally high levels of cleanliness in our clean rooms STERIL-TECH® for food processing remove several opportunities for fungi and bacteria to contaminate foodstuffs. This minimisation of microbial contaminants will often remove the need for other treatment processes — reducing lead times and improving profitability.

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The main advantages of clean rooms for food processing

Processing food in a clean room deliver a range of operational and financial benefits. As well as minimising the chances of contamination, the practice increases the shelf life of certain foods, increases freshness for the consumer and increases yield. Clean rooms also allow manufacturers to produce safe foods for people with allergies.

Foodstuffs that are treated with micro-organisms are particularly susceptible to colonisation by various organisms that are present in the wider environment. These foods require additional controls, most of which can be delivered by the use of a clean room.

What we do

At Standard Tech we create quality food processing refrigeration systems that are environmentally friendly. Our turnkey solutions are used by food manufacturers of all kinds to ensure their processing methods are as safe and efficient as they possibly can be.

We offer comprehensive after-sale support to all of our customers, as well as remote control systems that keep things running smoothly at all times. We have been pioneering of innovative sterile processing room solutions for around 25 years, and our customers rely on us to deliver ideal environments for the processing and packaging of food products.