1_Salami curing

Drying and curing systems are designed and custom-built to suit premises layout and the product to be processed.

DRYING must ensure correct control of fermentation and a uniform product without deposits. To achieve this, our units are built to deliver high refrigerating capacity, to eliminate a large amount of water from the product right from the earliest drying phases, thus preventing the risk of undesirable contamination.

CURING is also a very delicate phase because it allows the product to mature and acquire the right flavours and fragrance, through a technological process that implies variations in humidity, temperature and air exchange.

The product’s UNIFORMITY is guaranteed by adequate ducted ventilation in the drying facility, while for curing, a mix of static-fan temperature and humidity control is preferable to ensure the very best product quality with medium and long curing times.

The drying and curing units feature a heat recovery system that exploits the hot gas produced by the refrigeration system.
The units are also equipped with an ENTHALPIC SYSTEM allowing automatic use of outdoor air for dehumidification.

The drying and curing processes are CONTROLLED by means of  PLC.

Formulae can be tailored to any type of product and to the customer’s specific needs.

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