Delivers Consistency and Quality

A Standard Tech cheese curing chamber delivers exactly the right set of atmospheric conditions to maximise the flavour and shelf life of cured cheeses. Our curing solutions are made with high quality stainless steel panels that are insulated with precision. Through tireless research, development and testing, we have designed curing systems that help some of the World’s biggest cheese producers to maintain their large-scale operations without undue problems.

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Cheese curing chamber
cheese ripening

Groundbreaking technology ensures cured cheeses of the highest quality

At Standard Tech, we have pioneered and patented a technology that is perfect for the maturing of parmigiano reggiano. Through continuous testing, we have developed and manufactured a cheese curing chamber that is suitable for most Italian and European cheeses. Our TECHNOFLUX SYSTEM® delivers the perfect conditions for drying and curing cheese with minimal input from workers. This technology takes the guesswork and human error out of a complex process, which results in consistently good cheese on an industrial scale.

The perfect environment for the curing of cheese

Through precise controls and monitoring technologies, a Standard Tech cheese curing chamber ensures optimum temperatures are maintained at all times — in every area of cheese production. Very precise levels of humidity are also maintained on an automated basis, which ensures external factors never interfere with the production of quality cheese. Sealed, insulated panels and doors ensure cheese curing environments are free from abnormal air currents.

Standard tech cheese curing chambers are all made to the very highest standards of engineering and design. They offer quiet operation, highly sanitised production areas and low-power consumption. We believe this collection of impressive benefits makes our cheese ripening system a market leader.