The elements of great design

Efficient and effective clean room design and manufacturing needs to take into account a host of factors that can vary according to the specifics of the business involved and food being manufactured within it. At Standard Tech, our designers offer a stringent and detailed focus on every aspect, including people flow, pressurization, airflow, heating and cooling load calculations and a variety of other factors to ensure that our clean rooms adhere to the precise needs of the business involved and the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.
All our clean rooms meet the stringent ISO international standards, meaning you can offer a guarantee of fresh and contaminant-free produce to your customers.


Due respect and consideration for the needs of your project

At Standard Tech we understand that the development, construction and maintenance of a clean room can represent a significant investment on the part of business owners. This is why we provide a range of services that offer peace of mind when it comes to delivering a clean room bespoke to your needs, in accordance with your deadlines. Our preliminary services include:

  • economic estimates of the work involved;
  • preliminary energy analysis;
  • and a technical feasibility analysis.

We believe in offsetting the challenge posed by complex clean room development by offering a step-by-step service and creating a close and helpful relationship with each of our clients.

clean room for food processing
clean rooms for food processing

A holistic approach to installation services

Our more than 25 years of experience have taught us that the complete clean room manufacturer needs to offer more than just a high-quality clean room. That is why we ensure that your clean room is attuned to the needs of your business thanks to expert installation technicians, worksite technical oversight and technical assistance that is available 24 hours a day.

We also know that is clean room is nothing without the right people, which is why we offer in-depth operator training as part of our service.