Efficient and Reliable Industrial Cold Storage Systems

Industrial cold storage systems from Standard Tech deliver consistency, safe food preparation areas, reliable storage solutions and quality products. Through a combination of groundbreaking technology, quality doors and panels and ergonomic design, we create bespoke, turnkey solutions that cater to the specific needs of food businesses all over the World.

Innovation and precision are at the heart of everything we do

Since 1992, our designers and refrigeration technicians have been engineering large-scale industrial systems that harness the very latest technologies. We work tirelessly to design cold storage systems that help businesses to achieve their operational and financial objectives. We see the process right through to the final construction phase.

Discover Our Cold Storage Systems.

cold room
cold room for food storage

Patented technologies that deliver simple solutions to complex refrigeration requirements

We have developed a range of patented technologies that keep food preparation and storage areas sanitised and at the perfect temperature at all times. We are highly experienced in designing and manufacturing sterile processing environments. Our STERIL-TECH® technology, for instance, is used to maintain and monitor sanitary environments such as food production plants, microbiological laboratories and pharmaceutical research centres.

Specially designed cold storage systems based on the needs of individual operations

At Standard Tech, we believe that creating bespoke, turnkey industrial cold storage systems is the only way to help businesses maximise efficiency, safety procedures and operational standards. We create everything from the refrigerator panels and refrigerator doors to the control systems that maintain the specific atmospheric conditions needed. Our cold storage systems are used in process as varied as cheese curing and electronics manufacturing. Among the many features that make Standard Tech cold storage systems the most efficient and reliable in the World include evaporation units, intelligent defrosting systems, water recovery and dynamic condensation controls.