ice bank tank for chilled water

Iced bank tank for chilled water

The Vertice® chilled water storage systems were created to store ice overnight and replace stored energy by melting it during the day under the form of chilled water. In this way, the refrigerant group only works during the coldest hours, consuming substantially less. The Vertice® storage tanks are made with non-oxidizable internal panelling and heat exchange elements in galvanised steel, which use direct expansion of ecological freon gas or inhibited propylene glycol for food use. Therefore, the latter solution only uses refrigerant gas inside the Ecofreddo® plant linked to the system, drastically reducing the quantity of gas of the entire system.

This solution is strategically important in countries in which refrigerant gas is penalised with “carbon tax” or through other specific taxes. Standard Tech technology also uses latest generation refrigerants with low GWP values for traditional solutions. The Ecofreddo® plants are additionally equipped with energy saving packages with dynamic condensation control and the aid of electronic gas regulation valves. An additional piece of equipment available in the Vertice® storage tanks is the proportional control of the ice defrosting procedure.

This system, combined with a customisable PLC, allows clients to set and choose in advance the quantity of ice for use in their production aims. It also favours and optimises heat exchange, since for cheese producers, the energy demand under the form of chilled water is not always constant and the technologist or cheesemaker can choose the real requirement in advance.

The system can generally be combined with a pumping station to distribute chilled water to utilities, equipped with a group of pumps powered by frequency converters, once again to manage partial loads and substantially improve energy savings.

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