cold rooms for food processing

Seemingly simple, cold rooms for food processing are the main energy-intensive systems located within plants.

Standard Tech is an important industrial cold rooms manufacturer, which designs and builds complete metal warehouses in galvanised steel to contain refrigeration structures. The industrial cold storage systems are built with special high-insulating Isostandard panels in PIR/PUR polyurethane, polystyrene, and rock wool, and are compliant with existing legislation.

Concerning insulated panels for cold rooms, there are many panel covering surfaces, based on the use of the cold rooms for food processing, the aggressivity of the stored product and the frequency of cleaning:

  • pre-painted galvanised steel;
  • plasticised galvanised steel;
  • pre-painted stainless steel;
  • plasticised stainless steel;
  • food grade fibreglass treated with gelcoat.

All options can be provided completely smooth or with slight microgrooves.
Alternatively, the company also offers embossed “Isoglass” food grade fibreglass.

For installations in rooms with high hygiene levels or that require frequent washes, the joints between the insulated panels for cold rooms can be special with complete male/female overlap to avoid the interposition of secondary sealants or post-laying silicones.

The assembly and anchoring profiles are strictly made of stainless material to guarantee longevity of systems.

Access to the rooms is guaranteed through high-quality insulated cold room doors, divided in: sliding refrigerator doors (with manual or automatic opening systems), with single or double knocker or rapid roll-up for low temperatures too, which are covered with stainless materials and have frames in stainless steel or food grade PVC.

The cold for the rooms is generated through Ecofreddo® industrial refrigeration plants for external installations (protected with powder-coated housing) or in machine rooms functioning with ammonia, carbon dioxide, or low environmental impact freon.

The industrial refrigeration plants work with direct expansion cycles or indirect ones by means of solutions with suitable percentages of inhibited propylene glycol for food use. Condensation can take place with air by means of special desert-type super-tropicalised condensers or with water by means of condensers or cooling towers, including closed circuit ones, to optimise water consumption and related maintenance.

The cooling units placed inside the cold rooms for food processing are built with housing suitable for food use and high heat exchange elements in stainless steel or copper with increased thickness and energy-efficient fans. Great attention is paid to the defrosting systems by installing increased, and in some cases, differentiated, fin spacing.

Complete control and monitoring of the plants

The switchboards, strictly double door and with a level of protection suitable for installation in food environments, are equipped with housings in stainless material so that they can be washed. The micro PLC or PLC operating parameter adjustment regulators can be programmed and personalised based on the true needs of the client.
Naturally, the functioning of the industrial cold storage systems can be monitored and remotely managed through our Control-tech 3000® remote assistance network.

Focus on energy savings

In its over 25 years of experience, STANDARD TECH has focused on energy savings:
Industrial refrigeration plants with heat recovery, cooling units equipped with intelligent defrosting elements, fans with proportional electronic control, PLC modular expansions, use of low GWP refrigerants, dynamic control of condensation and compressors coupled with inverters are elements which, when combined, provide notable savings on energy consumption.

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